KNX documentation

Bauüberwachung, Abnahme KNX Installation

KNX documentation

The focus of this post is the certification of a KNX installation. After finishing the installation of a Smart Home, it is very important to write a documentation about the Smart Home.

But what is this KNX documentation?

This documentation is a complete collection of all device addresses to know what is installed under what address. Its also important to get the complete configuration of the project file. This is of great importance for later adaptions or just further additions. Do to this you also need to include all project passwords, passwords and the BCU-key in the documentation.

Do I really need a documentation?

Yes, if you do not include a documentation and you want to adapt the installation it would only be possible through a costly reconstruction or by reprogramming the whole installation. In extreme cases some parts would need to be removed to get them reset by the manufacturer.

So, it can only be advised to insist on getting a final documentation including a 7-point check.

In addition, with the final inspection you also need an E-Report.

The E-Report needs to include the installation plan including measurements and measuring results, by doing this it is guaranteed that the installation follows all lawful norms. In the documentation it is important to not forget the distribution box: It needs to be labelled and include a legend. This needs to be done to identify a damaged part easier when a fuse triggers additionally it allows the easy switch off, of a fuse to change a luminous element.

The summary of your documentation should be summarized in an installation book

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